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Week after week, InDaHouse volunteers work to ensure that over 200 disadvantaged children in Fügöd, Hernádszentandrás and the surrounding villages taking part in our program have access to personalized development classes.

As the number of children in the program increases, so does our workload and the number of our paid employees. In order to grow, we need a secure financial background, which we have maintained from donations from the beginning. Therefore, we ask you to support our efforts with a regular or a one-time donation. Make it possible for the disadvantaged children taking part in our program to break out of their vulnerable situation and be able to take control of their lives when they grow up.

As a private individual you have several options to financially support us.

With a regular donation, you contribute to making our operations more predictable, so that we can plan ahead with more certainty. Your donation will reach us monthly, for two years. You can easily set up your regular donation on the side donation panel on our website. During the two-year period, you have the option to cancel your donation at any time.

You can easily support our work with a one-time donation at any time via card payment or bank transfer, using the side donation panel on our website.

Do you have friends who would like to support an organization, and you feel like you could persuade them to choose InDaHouse? If so, be our ambassador and get supporters.

Collect donations on your birthday or as a Christmas present, or take part in our spring Boardgame Marathon or our fall Hiking Marathon.

1% OF YOUR TAX (Only if you pay taxes in Hungary)
From 2021, you can also donate 1% of your personal income tax to InDaHouse Hungary Association.

Our tax ID number: 19102382-1-05
InDaHouse Hungary Egyesület

Thank you for enabling the personalized development of the children participating in our program and supporting our continued efforts with your donation.



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Túramaraton 2023 // HIKING MARATHON 2023

Az InDaHouse-ba járó több mint 250 borsodi gyerek teljesen más körülmények között él, mint az InDaHouse önkéntesei vagy támogatói, de mégis vannak közös örömforrásaink. Például szeretünk a szabadban lenni, mozogni, túrázni, felfedezni az erdő szépségeit, fára mászni, vagy épp bújócskázni.

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