InDaHouse Volunteer and Children’s Center

In 2017, we decided to build our own house in Hernádszentandrás and continue our work there. A long transitional period began. It took us 2 years to raise the money, and with the help of 600 volunteers we built the InDaHouse Volunteer and Children’s Center in Hernádszentandrás.

The rooms necessary for children's activities are located on the ground floor of the 350-square-meter, two-story building. The room for develoment sessions, a quiet room, an exercise room, and a large hall are here, along with the kitchen and the sanitary block. Upstairs are the bedrooms, where volunteers find a freshly made bed every Friday. Today, more than 20 volunteers and over 100 children visit the center over a weekend.


Fügöd Development House

In 2020, a big dream came true: we started our work helping children in Fügöd, the most stigmatized gypsy neighborhood in Encs.

Our development house was set up in a one family house, which we bought 1 km away from the neighborhood. We add a new room suitable for learning every two years, for as the number of children increases, we keep outgrowing the house. As the children grow, we hold not only pre-school program but also leraning center program here.


Appycentrum Budapest

The vast majority of our employees and volunteers live and work in Budapest. For many years we held our meetings in noisy cafés and pubs. Since 2019, however, we have been one of the lucky organizations being able to work at the  Appycentrum. This is a community office on Nyugati Square, which was created with the aim of providing not only free office infrastructure, but also a supportive community and continuous improvement to NGOs dealing with sick and disadvantaged children. In addition to daily work, we also hold our meetings and volunteer events there.