The Health Program is an additional service of the InDaHouse Hungary Association. It was created mainly because we realized that some of the children participating in the program have difficulties and are unsuccessful at school potentially due to some kind of health issues. The unavailability and distance of the appropriate specialist services, as well as the discrimination of families make using health services on their own difficult.

As a first step in 2016, eye examination was introduced. We looked for partners to help and support the children's eye examinations and the access to the necessary medical devices. Since then, we have been carrying out pedagogical vision tests every year, and we help the children to get to an ophthalmological examination, if necessary.

As the number of children in the program grew, so did the area of healthcare services. Eye screening for children was no longer enough, as we had a whole range of other health problems that not only affect the children’s progress at school, but can also directly or indirectly have a negative impact on their social skills and life chances.

In September 2020, in addition to the vision screening we introduced hearing screening, and the children screened there are also sent to the appropriate medical specialist. Starting from Fall 2022, the children brush their teeth before every session in kisTanoda, thereby promoting their oral hygiene awareness.

In addition to regular screenings and our prevention efforts, we support acute cases on an individual basis, depending on the severity of the illness and the social competence of the family. Some families are unable to make an appointment because they do not have a phone, and at the highest level of support our association provides transportation to the medical examination, with the employee responsible for the Health program accompanying the family.