Early Childhood Development Program

In the early childhood program, on weekends volunteers visit young children (0–4 years old) and their families in 3 villages (Pere, Hernádszentandrás, and Ináncs) to hold development sessions with the participation of their families. The aim of the program is to develop the skills of the little ones through play, preventing them from falling behind due to their circumstances, as catching up later on can be increasingly difficult.

September 2021 marks another milestone. We started our early childhood program in Fügöd as well. For now, classes are held by two of our special education teachers every other week on weekdays, but we are trying to involve volunteers in this project as well.

Professionally, we strive to achieve the following goals:
1) providing ongoing training and support to our volunteers,
2) complex development assessment of all children in the program. Our main goal is to hold our classes for the little ones as efficiently as possible, taking into account the individual needs of each child.

Early childhood development is the main priority of our program, because we know that this is where the energy invested has the biggest pay-off. The earlier we start supporting a child, the more we can help them overcome their disadvantages.