Learning Centre Program

KisTanoda Program: Lower Primary (Ages 6-9)

The "kisTanoda" Program currently takes place at two locations, at our headquarters in Hernádszentandrás and in our house in Fügöd. The program provides weekly, individualized development sessions for primary school children. Volunteer mentors and worksheet creators work in the background week to week to ensure that we can support the children's development as effectively as possible. At "kisTanoda" Program, our goal is for every child to learn the basic literacy and numeracy skills at their own pace, laying the foundations for effective learning later on. We achieve this by creating tasks for the children in the topic of their choice, making learning motivating and enjoyable: if someone wants a "PAW Patrol" worksheet, they can practice counting, reading, or even writing with the rescue dogs. We use a wide range of visual aids and games to make solving the worksheets more exciting. In addition to individual learning, we dedicate time for group work, joint play and board games, which indirectly support the children's development.


NagyTanoda Program: Upper Primary and Secondary (Ages 10-18)

The "nagyTanoda" program was launched in the Fall of 2022. In this program we hold weekly cooperative sessions for middle and high school children. The sessions approach learning from a practical standpoint, in which the children work in teams and solve practical problems taken from real-life situations. These sessions focus on developing creative, logical thinking, and situational awareness, problem-solving skills, as well as communication, cooperation, and social skills. Our goal is to prepare children for the situations they may encounter later on in everyday life as adults. Besides the cooperative sessions, English language learning is also a part of the program, so every other week our volunteers hold communication-focused English sessions. In addition to the weekend group lessons, we also offer assistance with school tasks or preparing for exams. On weekday afternoons our volunteers support the "nagyTanoda" participants through online classes.