Evergreen Gift

Örökzöld ajándék // Evergreen Gift

I will be the ambassador of the future for the next 3 weeks.The future, where the education system can help every child to overcome their inherent disadvantages. Currently we need a third party to make the system work. This is what Fruzsi and her team have been doing for 8 years. Team Indahouse is working for over two hundred children, to help them reduce their disadvantage, that they were born in the wrong place.
My part of this mission is going to be to find people who can donate money regularly to them, to continue their job.
You may be wondering why I want to support Indahouse. Fruzsi and I studied together, and despite the fact that my life went in a different direction, I remain a social worker in the depths of my soul. Therefore I believe that in this way, I can help to balance the gap between the societal strata.
The 21-day Christmas campaign of InDaHouse Hungary starts on the First Sunday of
Advent, 27 November.


HUF 19,900
Helene Kristofferson a year ago

Evergreen Gift
Evergreen Gift